Transforming Bellarine: The Editorial 2018 - Year 9

This week, Year 9 students taking part in ‘The Editorial’ elective have continued to publish their latest work – based on this term’s overarching theme of ‘transformation’, with the additional challenge of being asked to write in a news ‘style’. The below work is that of Charlotte Adair, who has explored the variety of electives on offer to the Year 9’s this term. As we start to move towards the ‘pointy’ end of Term 2, students will shift their focus to the creation of podcasts and video blogs.

Surrounding Editorial

Students from Christian College have a variety of opportunities with subject and elective choices. Surrounding the subject elective courses around 'The Editorial' includes: Systems Engineering; Media Arts; and Japanese. These all lead to different careers and extended learning from the classroom.


These electives have inbuilt learning and extra curriculum activities which creates a learning base for the students, other than common classroom learning. Surrounding and using different classroom skills, which is a starting point for the subjects, the elective subjects are giving the option of giving a platform - to show the extent of the learning and education they have been given so far.


"We learn about the Japanese culture, their foods, how to speak their language. Currently we are studying what it would be like if we lived over there", Tiarna Bett - a Japanese language student - explains what they are basing their learning off. Tiarna says she has plans for her future to travel around, the skills and work she is doing now, creates a base for her future and maybe even career. "We have to study hard and have good work ethic for it to be a positive impact. Which I see as a very rewarding thing for my future", Tiarna adds.


"In our elective, we are creating solar cars, so we are able to compete outside of school, which gives us a goal to work towards", Systems Engineering student Luka Kapitelli says. It is displaying that the opportunities are greater than the classroom alone and that even the most basic skills apply to the subject. "It's reflecting back onto classroom based skills we learn like maths and science", Luka adds. The addition to the fact that the skills they are learning now could add onto their future, as a society, it is starting off our generation for the time to come.


"We are now creating our designs which is giving us a positive outlook as we are seeing our designs come to life", a student from Media Arts expresses. The subject is a way of creating and setting a generation up for the future with marketing and creating a solid start. The class is based on a way of creatively using the known skills and applying that to a greater purpose. Which, in this case, is a product design. "We are creating designs for packets which we are attempting to improve", the student - who wishes to remain anonymous - adds.


The electives obviously have a broad range of opportunities and extended learning in place. This range gives different outlooks on the whole of the Year 9 level. As a cohort, the students are all mixed up into the different classes, which involves associating with other year 9 homerooms. It creates more freedom to connect with other students that are outside of home group classes. 


By Charlotte Adair


Image: The Year 9 deck at Christian College Bellarine (T. Beck)


Victoria Kent
Editiorial Elective Teacher



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