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Hello everyone,

The senior campus has been alive with house activities all term. The House Prefects have been leading house competitions in netball, basketball and cross-country with great support from the whole SS cohort.  As rehearsals ramp up, for the upcoming House Music competition, our time before school and at lunchtime has become busy for students in each house, as well as for the Music Department.  I hope you’ve heard some choir practice in your homes!

Continuing on with the theme of College Prefect introductions, this week I have the pleasure of introducing you to Lachlan Brough and Bailey Hunter.


My portfolio that I have chosen this year is Mentorship and it is all about being a role model and someone younger year levels can look up to. I believe that Mentorship is something that all Year 12’s need to embrace as we are the highest year level at Christian College, and I know from personal experience that when the younger kids see the year 12’s they are a little scared but try to be like them. I therefore, think it is important that we reach out to support, encourage and mentor our younger peers. My vision with Mentorship is to create the chance for younger prefects (Year 9 Prefects at other campuses) and students to be able to seek support and guidance from me, and I would love to have the chance to speak with more students. I aim to further the connection between Middle and Senior School, where the idea of them being separate campuses and the leap from Year 9 to 10 can be minimised. Hopefully this will make students more comfortable when transferring to Senior School.

The most enjoyable part of being a prefect so far has been undertaking our training in November, because the activities were really enjoyable but also held many important lessons for me. Personally, the “River Walk”, a group exercise in trust up the Barwon River, was one of my favourites as it allowed myself to step out of my comfort zone with my friends and was an opportunity for learning. Both days also gave me more chances to connect with others and learn new stories of their experiences, helping to forge new and exciting friendships.

My future ambitions include hopefully going to university next year, preferably Deakin, as it is closest to home and will help me with my budgeting! I am thinking about applying for either Paramedics or Accounting next year. Although they sound like polar opposite careers, Health and Accounting are my favourite subjects at school.


I have been allocated the Environmental portfolio this year, which aligns with my interests in environmental sustainability. My visions and goals within the environmental area are to create new and improve existing policies in waste management to keep our school grounds in the best possible condition.

I am aiming to build upon a recycling model introduced by Cian and Mr Hurrell last year, so that we can be leaders and trendsetters in sustainability. With the involvement of not only students but teachers as well, we will be able to look after our environment by minimizing our negative impact. This year one of our goals is to improve the standard of our school grounds in regards to littering by following guidelines to manage our waste better and thinking about where our waste ends up if it's not in the bin.

So far this year I have really enjoyed meeting new people, particularly going to Melbourne and meeting the people behind the GRIP leadership program.  I find the opportunity to give back is one of the most pleasing activities you can do, and being able to go to the Timor Leste Independence Commemoration Day service in Geelong to show our respect, especially before our trip to the country later this year, has been an example of where I have been able to do so.

After school finishes I would love to apply for a course at University, however I am not 100% sure yet on what exactly to study. If I get into the University I think I would choose to defer a year and travel overseas to England to play cricket, as I have already been given the opportunity to do so. I would spend approximately 6 months in England, working while playing Cricket, before having another 6 months before starting University at home.

Thanks so much for sharing with us Lachie and Bailey. I’m sure we are all excited to watch, be involved in your work and see the impact of your leadership in the College for the rest of the year.

Have a wonderful week everyone and I hope to see many of you at the House Music competition next Thursday to support our houses. Go Taylor!


Megan Heathcote

College Prefect



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