The Power of Music


Have you ever heard a piece of music, or a particular song lyric, that has unlocked a memory or released an intense emotion? The Prep T students have been admiring the power of music through a variety of different songs this month. And what a beautiful thing it is to hear them express their thoughts in relation to the words of a song, or the type of mood it inspires from within.


If your little one appears to have trouble expressing themselves at home, consider employing the power of music as a terrific assistant to help them explore their emotions and energy. In everyday conversations, take note of the ‘musical speech’ your child wields: their pitch, their tone, their pace, and how it relates to their mood.


In our weekly Music lessons, the children look forward to our ‘Scarf Dance’ time. They dance freely around the room, allowing the music to guide their movements. This is another great way for children to release emotions in a healthy, social and creative way – plus, it’s a terrific form of exercise; encouraging balance, development of core strength and gross motor skills.


Music and dance form such an integral part of cultures worldwide, and with good reason:


“Music speaks what cannot be expressed,

Soothes the mind and gives it rest,

Heals the heart and makes it whole,

Flows from Heaven to the soul.”




Ms. Kate Notini – Classroom Music


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