Understanding In Time Reporting

As Prep-4 students move towards the end of their first semester of school, we would like to remind and inform families of Christian College’s In Time Reporting system. This process allows staff to provide timely feedback on student progress and celebrate the learning with families along the way. 


In Time Reporting

 During the course of the year families will receive In Time reports delivered via the Parent Portal. In Time reports may consist of both formative and summative feedback.  

  • Formative Assessment

Formative assessment consists of timely feedback (which may/may not include work samples), to demonstrate the process of the learning and help to inform the following stages of the teaching and learning.

  • Summative Assessment

Summative assessment is used at the conclusion of a task or unit to measure what students have learnt, (this may or may not include work sample/s). Summative assessments are presented by a grade/s and benchmark the student’s abilities and understanding at the time of receiving the assessment. Assessments are clearly linked to the Australian Curriculum Content Descriptors and Achievement Standards and throughout the year will demonstrate the students’ progress in all learning areas. 


Assessment Grading System


At Christian College there is an emphasis on the learning and continual improvement. The assessment grading system for Years P-10 uses the following achievement standards as a guide for interpreting assessment results:


Not Yet Achieving the standard = E,E+

Approaching the Expected Standard = D,D+

Achieving the Expected Standard = C,C+

Exceeding the Standard = B, B+

Far Exceeding the Standard = A, A+


It is important to note that if your child achieves a C or C+ they are ‘Achieving the Expected Standard’.   


 End of Semester Report

 Parents will receive an online report at the conclusion of each semester. This will include a comment from your child’s Homeroom Teacher, along with a summary of progress in ‘Self-Management’ and overall academic performance, presented on a continuum relevant to the expected Australian Curriculum Standards and Outcomes. 


 Accessing the Parent Portal 

 End of semester reports will be available via the Parent Portal ‘Assessments’ tab. Please follow link below for information regarding accessing the Parent Portal. 


 Links to Parent Portal and In Time Reporting Documentation


Accessing the Parent Portal: https://www.ccg.vic.edu.au/public/portal/ParentPortalInTimeReportingGuideAndInstructions.pdf

In Time Reporting (2016): https://www.ccg.vic.edu.au/public/portal/ParentInformationInTimeReporting2016.pdf


We look forward to celebrating the achievements of all students in a reporting system that caters for the differing abilities of our learners. 


Carla Dunlop

Deputy Head of Campus



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