Year 3 - Print Making - Screen Printing Pop Art - Andy Warhol Style

The Year 3 students are completely immersing themselves into the quirky, fun, vibrant and bold art movement of Pop Art. This became quite a sensation in the mid to late 1950’s, and highlighted the works of a rather prominent artist of that era, Andy Warhol. Students are focusing either on Albert Einstein or Audrey Hepburn as their subject matter, learning various methods of duplicating an image, transferring and screen printing. Pop Art is all about incorporating bold, block colours. The students are displaying immense dedication to this topic and a great level of patience in learning the skill of screen printing accurately.

The day for printing finally arrived, and there was a frenzied level of excitement. The students are completely bamboozled as to how it ‘actually printed’ over the top of their paintings. They have certainly gained an appreciation for accuracy in this particular art form. The results are rather impressive. Great job Year 3.

Tash Cooper

Art Design and Technology Teacher


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