East Timor Day - Fantastic Response from the Bellarine Campus Community

Last Friday, our students showed their support for our friends in East Timor by participating in our East Timor Day at the Bellarine Campus. We held a Flag Raising ceremony to start the day, commemorating the 16th Day of Independence for the people of East Timor. It was great to see all of our students dressed in the colours of the East Timor flag as we assembled around our flagpole.

The aim of our day was to raise funds to buy picture storybooks for schools across East Timor. It was overwhelming to see the response this focus generated from our students and school community. With the generous donations from our staff and students as well as the money raised through our East Timor stall, our Campus raised over $3300 for books. Each picture storybook has been translated into Tetum, the local language, and printed especially for the children of East Timor. This total will mean that we will be able to purchase in excess of 440 books for schools in Viquequi and across East Timor, who until now have had no picture storybooks to share with their students.

We are incredibly proud of our students for the heart they consistently show for our Project Care Days. We were able to identify that this was a real need for the students of East Timor and once again, our College community has demonstrated a generous spirit.

Thank you for your continued support of the Project Care program here at Christian College.

Claire Deretic
Project Care Team


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