Year 9 GEOS Camp – A student’s perspective

During this week’s Year 9 GEOS Camp at Wilsons Promontory, all of the students completed a three-day hike up, down, around and through the breathtaking views and scenery of the protected national park.

On the first day, the class arrived at Middle School – Highton early in the morning to travel a four and a half hour bus ride to our starting point destination of Telegraph Saddle. The class was split into three different groups to undertake different hiking routes around the park. My group began down a 4-wheel drive track and saw lots of wildlife as we were walking and creating memories. We saw a wombat crossing the road about 2 metres in front of us and a couple of steps on, we saw a wallaby sitting on the corner of the track eating. It was pretty exciting to see these animas so close up and tranquil. We completed our first day’s hike just on dark at Little Waterloo and were able to take some pictures on the pristine white sand beach.

During the second day, we packed up our tents and moved on up some hills and around some trees to a lunch destination navigated by our day’s leaders to meet another group at Refuge Cove. After lunch, we continued on to another beach downhill toward our last night’s destination of Sealers Cover. We were so exhausted but so happy to see how pretty our camp area was. Some of us girls had a chilly swim at Sealers and came back only to find some possums running around our tents. It was a funny memory.

During our final day’s hike, we had a river crossing and a 1km long boardwalk where we were encouraged to have a calm walk individually to gather our thoughts and memories from our past two days, which I found a great way to look back on what we have completed and become. We had lunch at the very windy, Windy Saddle and finished by walking along a cliff face back up to Telegraph Saddle where we met for our return bus ride home. This camp was a great opportunity to strengthen friendships, mental and physical strength as well as create memories. We feel so lucky to have such a place as Wilsons Prom as a special place in our hearts that we will always remember. Personally, my favourite part was looking back on the day we had completed and thinking of how far we’ve walked and feeling so satisfied with our efforts. Overall, I absolutely loved the challenge and love the memories that I found at Wilsons Prom that I shared with my group. I feel grateful for Christian College and lucky to have had this opportunity.

Indianna Wylie, Year 9


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