Year 11 Students and Exam Preparation

It is a busy time of year for our Year 11s and exams are fast approaching. Please see the below information for Year 11 students. It is time now to be considering your study habits and preparing for these upcoming exams. If you have an exam clash or three exams in one day please email Mr O’Loughlin to arrange an appointment to discuss your situation.

  • It is the College’s expectation that students arrive and leave school only once per day during the exam period. This means should a student have an exam at the start of the day and one at the end, students will be expected to stay at school all day, studying in the designated areas when they do not have an exam. If students have one exam on a day, they may arrive for the start of that exam and leave at the end. Students are not required at school when they do not have an exam however there will be study areas available should students wish to be at school or if they catch a College bus.
  • Students are required in full school uniform for their exams.
  • Students are required to remain in their exam for the full allocation of time (no one leaves early)
  • If a student requires special consideration or has particular needs which the College is not yet aware of please ensure that this is communicated to Mrs Di Martin as soon as possible.
  • Full VCE exam requirements will be enforced, please be aware of what items students are allowed to bring in for each exam. Supervisors will not be providing stationery to students. Stationery should be brought in a clear plastic pocket or snap lock bag. No pencil cases will be permitted.
  • No electronic devices are permitted except for appropriate mathematical equipment for the appropriate subjects. Phones, electronic watches must be kept in lockers, they will not be accepted by the exam supervisor.
  • Year 11 Exams are compulsory and form part of the Year 11 Curriculum. It is an expectation that all students sit their exams. Any exams missed will be rescheduled. Please contact Mrs Thompson or Mrs Calderwood if your student is unwell during the exam period.
  • Students undertaking the VCAL program have a normal school week.
  • VET students will continue to have their classes as normal, the school bus will continue to run.

 If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact Mrs Calderwood and Mrs Thompson.


Mandy Calderwood and Mrs Thompson

Year 11 Coordinators



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