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Well it’s hard to believe that we are at the end of week 7, not long ‘til holidays.

Last week, the children were introduced to the skill of ‘Kick’. They were excited to see the soccer equipment and quickly went to a ball to begin dribbling and kicking their way around the pitch.

The main focus is to kick a stationary ball which is a closer link to primary school activity than other kicks. It is the basic foundation of kicks in all football codes and is important for foot-eye coordination.

After a warm up game, students practiced partner kicking before moving onto small group activities and games.

Recess breaks provide more time for students to improve their skills and have a game, using the pop up goals, cones and balls.

During our Health lessons, the children are continuing to focus on healthy eating within our ‘Food, Glorious, Food’ unit.

They have learnt about the need to eat from the 5 food groups and more specifically what these foods contain and do for our bodies, e.g. calcium for our bones and teeth, protein for our muscles and vitamins and minerals for our skin, organs, to fight infection and keep us well.

It is great to hear the students talk about the foods in their lunch boxes and if they are healthy or a ‘sometimes’ food. Some have even been able to explain that “cheese is healthy because it has calcium for my bones.”

So, here’s to a ‘happy and healthy eating’ holiday with lots of physical activity; kicking, throwing and catching.


Mrs Jo Richardson


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