Transforming Bellarine: The Editorial 2018 - Year 9

The Year 9 students taking part in ‘The Editorial’ elective continue to publish their work – based on this term’s ‘transformation’ theme. Students are now putting the finishing touches on a news style piece, or creating their own podcast or video blog. However, Dana Ford has also found the time to create the below poem…Open Space.

Vitoria Kent
Editorial Elective Teacher


Open Space

I like the way the open space appears to be continuous,

The way the trees move almost like they are dancing,

The grass waves,

The leaves flutter and glide,

The air cannot get fresher.

I like how the sky appears to be a clear blue,

The way nothing stands between us,

The whole scene unfolding as if it has been painted just for me.

North, South, East and West all singing in unison,

There is no need for earphones in this place.

Here is free, fresh,

Here is carefree, comforting,

Here is cleansing.

Somehow this place matches my mood,

It knows what I need.

Whether that is rain to hide my tears,

Washing over me, taking my anger with it.

Sometimes it is windy,

Messing up my hair but straightening out built up emotions,

Worries blow away on the wind.

Most commonly the trees will shine golden,

Highlighted by the light,

The world blessed with the enchanting rays,

With the sun outcomes happiness, laughter and joy.

No matter how I feel entering the paddock I always leave smiling,

Almost like magic it lifts my spirits.

By Dana Ford

Image: The Sky (D. Ford)



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