Message of Hope

USA speaker Reggie Dabbs has been one of the most sought after public school and event speakers both in his home country and across the world for the past two decades.As well as being a phenomenal public speaker, he is also an acclaimed saxophonist and we had the privilege of hosting him at Middle School last Friday.

Sharing his own personal story of tragedy, Reggie captivated our students with a beautiful message of hope. As one of our College's 5 values, it was so encouraging for Naomi and myself to see the way in which this value inspired and blessed many of the students listening to his message. It was also incredibly affirming to hear feedback such as "That was awesome Chappy" and "That was so good" from the students that attended. In a time when many students are still discovering who they are and going through their own unique challenges, it was so encouraging to see the way that Reggie's message touched their lives. 


Tim Blackhall and Naomi Gibbons

Middle School - Highton Chaplains


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