Printmaking with Prep T

Over the last couple of weeks in Art the preps have been learning about different printmaking techniques. We have used styrofoam boards to design and create our own stamps, and used plastic sheets and markers to create contemporary print imagery.

This week we made our own 3 Dimensional print boards, using tissue paper, aluminum foil and foam to create texture and depth. We also practiced some string printing techniques. The students created unusual patterns, using different colours to form a symmetry of interesting shapes and lines.

It has been wonderful to see how engaged the students have been throughout the different printmaking processes. Each week I am blown away by how quickly the students pick up the different techniques we explore, and by how much pride they take in their work by taking their time and always listening carefully to instructions.

I am looking forward to seeing all the new artworks that the students will create in term 3!

Bea Greenhalgh


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