General Safety

Dear Parents and families, I wish to draw your attention to a matter of safety that is becoming increasingly concerning, and with which we require your support and assistance. At the conclusion of the school day it is wonderful to see students and families interacting and we wish to continue to encourage this. Unfortunately, however, it seems to be with increasing frequency that students are climbing on the cage that covers the utility pipe and swinging on the Christian College sign.  Also students have continued to use footballs in the front of the yard. Whilst there is a yard duty teacher on duty at the front of the school, they are often attending to specific student/family situations. Therefore, could I please ask that as parents if you observe your child climbing on the metal cage, swinging on the school sign or kicking a ball, that you ask them to stop. Please feel free at the end of the day to head around to the back of the school yard where play equipment exists for students to play on under your supervision.

We also take this opportunity to remind families to be vigilant in monitoring your child and other children while walking and driving in the Sth Barwon Civic Centre carpark. An incident was noted through the week where a student ran into the car park and behind a moving car,  almost being struck by the car. Your help in ensuring the safety of all children would be appreciated.


Thanking you in anticipation, 

Ann-Marree Weigl

Head of Campus


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