Drama Performances

A number of drama performances have taken place in the last couple of weeks with students being assessed on the work that they have done during the term or in the case of Year 12, most of the semester creating.  

Year 11’s entertained and challenged an audience of Year 5 and 7 students as they performed their pieces about journeys, both literal and metaphorical. It was great to share this work with students from another campus who may be studying drama themselves at some time this year.

Year 12 students explored the theme of fairy tales and the influences on the writers of these stories. The two ensemble performances captured the sometimes dark places that writers like Tolkien and Lewis Carroll were in when they penned their famous stories. They also explored the preoccupations of fantasy writers today and how the idea of virtual reality has captured imaginations.

This week the Year 10 Drama classes have been out at bush kinder, performing the pieces they have been working on to the Christian College kinder children. The interactive bush theatre pieces explored the idea of keeping the bush clean and not littering, so that bush animals and friends (including a bunyip and a tree spirit!) have a healthy environment in which to live. All the students from age 4 to 15 had a wonderful time acting and reacting with each other.


Mandy Calderwood

Head of Drama


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