Transforming Bellarine: The Editorial 2018 - Year 9

The Year 9 students taking part in ‘The Editorial’ elective have spent the past week publishing work they created based on an inspirational quote they chose. They could either write about the quote specifically, or incorporate it into a piece of creative writing.

Below is the work of Tiarna Beck, who incorporated two inspirational quotes in her piece, Everyone Goes Through It.

For those interested in reading more, you can access the students’ blog – as long as you have a Christian College Geelong login – through the following link: 

Victoria Kent
Editorial Elective Teacher


Everyone Goes Through It

Throughout life, we are faced with challenges that we think we cannot get through. Sometimes in those challenges, we are scared of what will happen once we have faced the situation - are we scared of the outcome? Or, are we scared of change? This fits in with a quote from The Lion King which really stood out to me when I heard it in the movie, "change is good, but it's not easy".  We have made so many changes in our lives and maybe we have not noticed that we have. Change can be as little as brushing your teeth at a different time, to moving across the globe and changing schools. Depending on who you are as a person, neither of these will be easy - as little or big as they are.

Once we are used to something, we tend to stick with our routine that we have formed whether we notice it or not. My interpretation of this quote is; whenever you are faced with a challenge just remember that if it does happen to change your life or point of view that it may not be easy straight away, but things will get better in the long run so, "accept what it is, let go of what was, and have faith in what will be".

For this writing piece, we were required to find a motivation quote to include in our post. One of my quotes is from The Lion King which is filled with some of my favourite Disney quotes.  My other quote is said by someone who remains unknown. However, this quote really stood out to me when I read it because of how many ways it can be used. This task was fun and could be related to on a personal level, making it easier to write.

Image: Along the coast of Queensland (T. Beck)


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