Who said Maths was not fun?

The Year One cohort enjoyed using M&M’s in their mathematical learning last week. The students sorted their M&M’s into colours and then used tally marks and a column graph to represent their data. They then had to identify which colour had the most and least. It was interesting to find that overall there were not many red and orange M&M’s in the packet and lots more brown and black.

Year One’s have continued to sort and collect data in different ways. Grade 1G looked at The Hungry Caterpillar’s food choices that he ate for the week, and sorted this data in multiple ways. It was great to see students making links in their maths learning to their current heath unit about healthy eating. The students decided that the Hungry Caterpillar had a balanced diet, but should probably not eat so many sweets in one day.

Jamie-Lee Lobbe

Year 1 Level Leader


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