Are You In Need of a Bible? The Bible Ute might be coming your way!

Are you in need of a Bible? Then look no further than the “Bible Ute” in Prep R, which has been specifically designed to “pick up kids and hand out Bibles!” The ute has been tested for size and strength, comparing both adult and child passengers, durability over different surfaces, Bible holding capacity and mass. It also features an emergency phone, satellite navigation system and skull decorations. All original ideas which have been brought to life by our little engineers!

 The ute is a current work in progress with a number of important decisions still under consideration by the design team. Some future considerations include: ute extension, addition of more safety features, resource availability, potential development of a fleet, cost, and outdoor durability.

 Our play based investigations provide relevant and meaningful opportunities for the children to engage with literacy and numeracy concepts in ‘real life’ scenarios. Learning strengths are also developed as they problem solve, share space and materials, collaborate, express different points of view, resolve differences, make decisions, consider time and resources and revise their work. All essential skills for 21st century learning!

Claire Tucker

Prep Coordinator


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