Year 7 - Design Thinking for Learning

In the first two weeks of Term 3, our Year 7 students will be participating in a unique and exciting learning experience. For these two weeks, regular core classes will make way for a dynamic cross-curriculum project that embraces:

  • The Design Thinking process of immersion, synthesis, ideation, prototype and feedforward
  • A focus on three particular 21st Century skills – collaboration, problem-solving and self-regulation
  • A real-world investigation into the issue of sustainability, utilising the Sustainable Development Goals outlined by the United Nations
  • An assessment approach that acknowledges the learning process, not just the final product

Sustainability takes on many forms, as evidenced by the fact that the UN has set targets in 17 different areas including poverty, food security, renewable energy, responsible production and consumption, and resilient infrastructure and industry. Students will be guided through a process of selecting an area of sustainability of interest to them, identifying a specific problem at either a local or global scale and proposing a potential solution to that problem.

The project commences on Tuesday, July 17th and will conclude on Friday, July 27th, when students are given the opportunity to “pitch” their solution to a stakeholder from an organisation with a vested interest in sustainability.

This is sure to be a thoroughly engaging fortnight for all our Year 7 students. The teaching staff responsible for implementing this unique curriculum are very excited to be working with the Year 7 students as they, as global citizens, take on the “big issue” of sustainability and develop the necessary skills for the 21st Century environment.

Further details for Year 7 families regarding the two-week program

  • Commences on Tuesday, July 17th and concludes on Friday, July 27th
  • All Year 7 electives will run as normal during their regular timeslots
  • LOTE Japanese and Indonesian will run as normal, except for classes on Tuesday July 17th and Wednesday July 18th
  • Students will still be involved in several PE sessions throughout the program. These will not be run during their normal HPE periods
  • All other periods during the two weeks will be devoted to the Sustainability project
  • Students are to wear full PE uniform for the two weeks of the program
  • An excursion related to this project has been planned for Thursday July 19th. A general permission form will be sent out to all families and this will include the various locations that your child may visit

We are looking forward to working alongside the Year 7 students as they explore the many problems in our world today arising around the issue of sustainability. We are excited to see what they will come up with as they immerse themselves in this real world issue.


Ingrid Staggard  - Head of LITEhouse – Pedagogy

Renee Garing - Year 7 Coordinator


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