Year 7 - Hope Tour

The Year 7 students were fortunate to experience the Hope Tour who came to our College on Monday afternoon. The group performed songs and a dance by KULTUREBREAK, did magic tricks and told stories, all with the message of HOPE, one of our College values.

The purpose of the tour was to engage our students, make them aware of how building our resilience comes from firstly building resistance, being grateful for what we have and also learning to ask for help when we need support. 

We were also blessed to have a visit from TIMOMATIC who performed one of his songs. He then spoke about his struggles and the personal tragedy he has faced in his past with losing his mentor and friend. He talked about how he needed to keep the momentum going and keeping the right people around him for support. The students really enjoyed his message and performance and judging from the level of participation of our students, we believe the message was successfully conveyed to all who attended.

The magic tricks performed by Andino left the student’s mesmerized and engaged. His talents using the Rubrics Cube and his trick using a rope left many perplexed but in awe. He used this talent to incorporate the GOSPEL message and point the students to the relationship we can have with God through Jesus.

Our thanks to Charles and all the crew from the Hope Tour who generously gave their time and effort to perform to our students.


Campus Chaplains, Naomi Gibbons and Tim Blackhall 


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