From the Head of Senior School


The End of Term 2

We have reached the end of Term 2 and it has been a term full of achievements, challenges and community support.

The achievements have been the learning that has taken place in and outside the classrooms. We have seen our Science students visit Deakin University to mix with students from other Geelong schools in the spirit of collaboration. In our Mathematics classes we have students engaged in their learning as they work in groups to determine the solutions. On the rivers and the rock faces our students have tested their own resolve and not only improve their skills, but build greater resilience.

The musicians are currently in Daylesford at their Music camp where they have been practising for eight plus hours per day, honing their skills and working as a team.

The challenges have been coping with, and adapting to, the loss of our heart of the school in the Library and Administration area. This not only dislocated our staff as they no longer had a staff room to meet and plan their curriculum, we had students also losing their gathering point in the library. It reinforced our belief that the library is central to so much of what we do in our daily busyness.

The challenge has also been to rebuild and try to ensure our students’ learning is not disrupted. The opportunity that the fire has created is for students to see that they can return to learning with a clear focus.

The community support came from parents, students and the wider community. I had the privilege of visiting the Belmont Fire Brigade to thank those who so courageously worked hard to ensure the fire was put out quickly to minimise the damage and save valuable assets. Their actions were remarkable to witness. Emails of support from students and parents lifted our spirits and we all felt that our community were with us all the way.

We wish all our students and families a restful holiday and trust that all shall return refreshed and eager for the term ahead. It will be the last full term for our Year 12 students and I am sure they will ensure that their work will be up to date and revision undertaken to ensure mastery.

To our staff I wish to recognise their efforts throughout the term. They have led the learning alongside developing their own teaching practice. We are blessed to have staff who teach Christianly and see the development of the whole student as a priority.

Our staff are to enter on Monday, a two and a half day retreat where all staff gather to explore our relationship with God. We will hear many great speakers that will enrich us in all ways.

I wish you all blessings in God’s light.


Mr Graeme Dent

Head of Senior School - Waurn Ponds


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