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Longitudinal Surveys of Australian Youth

LSAY is managed and funded by the Australian Government Department of Education and Training, with support from state and territory governments.

The Longitudinal Surveys of Australian Youth (LSAY) track young people as they move from school into further study, work, and other destinations. LSAY provides a rich source of information about young people and their pathways, helping researchers and policymakers make educated decisions about youth policies.

Survey participants enter the study when they are about 15 years old and are contacted once a year until they are 25.

Information on a wide range of school and post-school topics is collected, including :

  • student achievement and aspirations
  • attitudes to school
  • social background
  • vocational and further education
  • employment and job seeking
  • satisfaction with some aspects of life


‘Generation Z at School’ - June 2018

Longitudinal Surveys of Australian Youth (LSAY) is a study that follows young Australians over 10 years, from their mid-teens to mid-twenties, as they move from school to further study, work and into adulthood.

Information shared by the newest group of LSAY participants, who began the survey in 2015, gives insights into Australia’s Generation Z at school.

Born between 1995 & 2009 ‘Generation Z’ currently comprises the majority of Australia’s children and teenagers.  They are said to be more independent, entrepreneurial & globally-minded than their adolescent predecessors.  As digital-natives, Gen Z have grown up in a connected world & instinctively rely on social media & the internet to establish, grow & maintain relationships with friends & peers.

Born in 2001 & 2001, LSAY’s most recent group of young people connected the survey programme in 2015.  The survey will follow them for 10 years up until age 25.  The first two years of data collected at ages 25.  The first two years of data collected at ages 15 & 16 provide some exciting insights into the lives of Australia’s Gen Z & shows how they’re preparing for & navigating the transition from compulsory schooling to further study, the workplace & beyond.

For example -

The link below presents information from this most recent survey in an infographic form: -Career Expo

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