Future Engineers!

Once again we had a terrific day out at the Science and Engineering Challenge at the CADET Centre at Deakin University. Students were involved in activities such as building catapults, bionic hands and at the end of the day we were invited into the high voltage room for a demonstration of lighting on the Tesla Coils to the tune of Star Wars. The students really worked well in their teams and never gave up, they were outstanding. At the end of the day we placed 3rd out of seven schools in the Geelong region a pretty good effort! A couple of student quotes below!

I really enjoyed using hands on problem solving skills to complete the challenges - Jessica Seller

I really enjoyed it because it’s challenging my way of thinking and motivating me to create things - Khin Khin Sumon

The tesla coils at the end of the day were “electrifying” -  Joshua Weigl

Loved the day and had great fun - Anon

Thank you everyone who participated.


Mr John Tiglias

Mathematics and Science Teacher


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