VCAL Students developing relationships with Northern Bay College

This year the Christian College VCAL students have developed a relationship with the Tallis Street Campus of Northern Bay College and are working with them on projects around building a vegetable garden and integrating a farmers market program into their school.

Last week the Yr 11 VCAL students took their learning from a recent visit to the "Farmers Place" in Freshwater Creek to teach the students at Tallis Street about making pizzas and discovering where in the world our foods comes from. The students made pizzas with Grade 5's and then talked about the distance the ingredients to make these pizzas had travelled and how much food we import from overseas. They discussed together what foods could be grown in the vegetable garden at school to make pizzas and discovered reasons about why it is good to grow your own food or to purchase from local farmers and producers instead of importing it from overseas. 

While we were there the Northern Bay students were also able to show the Christian College students how their school day runs and how they show respect and friendship to each other and to those visiting their classrooms.  

The students then enjoyed eating the pizzas and developing further the relationships that they are building together. Our continued support offered from Northern Bay College in this program allows our students to further develop important skills and allows both schools to discover and develop future programs together. 


Kylie O'Brien

Science and VCAL Teacher


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