Year 8 Community Service Excursion


The Year 8 Community Service Elective class have worked with children in daycare, kindergarten, primary schools as well as an aged care home, visiting each week during class time over the last two terms, building strong relationships and making a positive difference to the lives of others.

The semester ended this week with an excursion to a local women’s shelter where they learnt about the role of the center and cooked pasta meals for the residents as well as homeless people in Geelong. They also prepared care packs for local homeless people, filled with toiletries, snacks and water and, most importantly, a personal message of friendship and hope written by the students. The Salvation Army will distribute these.

Jackie, a Geelong local and talented artist who has been homeless and living in her car for over ten years, spoke to the students about the challenges she has faced. The students found her story to be both moving and insightful.

The excursion also included a visit to the Geelong Waterfront, where they met with a Ben, who ‘lives rough’ by the Cunningham Pier. He shared the sad story of his life, including some of the circumstances that led to him being homeless.

Over the morning, students gained a deeper understanding of homelessness, realizing that every homeless person has a story that, sadly, often includes family breakdown and a lack of the opportunities and support our students take for granted.

Students were humbled by the heart-rending stories they heard and, in future, will be unlikely to ‘judge a book by its cover’.

Ms. Marisa Bettiol




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