Integrated Studies

In the second half of Term 2, Prep T have been focusing on weather and how it affects the world around us. Our studies have focused on a variety of areas, such as the different seasons, the way in which weather influences our behaviour and the clothing we wear, using different vocabulary to describe weather and choosing appropriate symbols to represent it. We have also investigated the way in which changes in weather affect animals, such as migratory animals and their incredible journeys across the world and animals that hibernate, focusing on Australia’s only hibernating marsupial, the endangered Mountain Pygmy Possum.  

Our investigations also had our students posing questions about weather phenomena such as clouds, lightning, thunder and rainbows in which we were able to conduct further investigations based on our questioning. In helping us to understand clouds more thoroughly, students conducted a rain experiment, creating their own ‘rain clouds’ with shaving cream and food dye. 




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