All the 'Drama' of Term 2 - A Wrap Up!

That’s a wrap! Of Term 2 at least. So much has happened over the last 10 weeks and I would like to take this opportunity to give you a brief overview of what the Christian College Bellarine students have been creating in Drama.

The Year 5’s this week performed the creation stories they had written to the Year 2’s. In small groups, students wrote, rehearsed and then performed a short piece of theatre inspired by the continents and countries they have been developing in Geography.

The Year 7’s, meantime, have been developing Commedia dell’Arte performances – which they presented to the Year 1’s. For this task, students worked collaboratively to develop a short piece of theatre using stock characters and status play.

The Year 8’s too have had a busy time developing small group performances – this time for the Year 3’s. Groups chose a picture story book to adapt for the stage, focusing on both physical and vocal expression – there was a bear hunt, a green sheep, as well as a bunny named Brad.

A huge thank you to students for the energy and enthusiasm you continue to bring to this subject – I am really looking forward to what Semester 2 might bring…

Victoria Kent
Drama Teacher


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