Transforming Bellarine: The Editorial 2018 - Year 9

And just like that – another term is over! Over the past 10 weeks, Year 9 students taking part in ‘The Editorial’ elective have developed creative pieces, news articles, podcasts and even ‘vlogs’ (video blogs) – all under their chosen theme of transformation. For those who perhaps haven’t had the chance already, the blog – ‘Tranforming Bellarine’ – can still be accessed through the following link (just use your Christian College Geelong login):

Below is the work of Elizabeth Stoltman, who wanted to look forward with the Year 9’s…

Victoria Kent
Editorial Elective Teacher

“Our Future And Our Fears”

In three and a half years, the Year 9 students from Christian College will have graduated. “We’re heading into the stage where it is going to be a massive change: from high school to the real world,” Year 9 student Tiarna Beck said as she described her feelings about the future. “That is a scary experience and I can talk on the behalf of everyone when I say it’s going to be a very scary experience.”

Everyone who has the opportunity to get an education also has the opportunity to graduate: this is not an experience only a few people have, at least in Australia. Why is this experience scary for students? I specifically interviewed a few Year 9 students from Christian College Bellarine to try to find an answer.

“People are worried, interested and confused,” Dana Ford, another Year 9 student, said. “I’m really excited to graduate . . . but scared to fail, but I guess everyone is,” Dana added. Everyone interviewed expressed that they were afraid that they would not be successful. As Tiarna Beck said so perfectly,” In one minute you can be going so successfully and the next moment you could be homeless.” Uncertainty, it seems, makes this experience so scary. Emma Barton, another student, confirmed this, “I’m scared I won’t accomplish anything in the future.” Will you be successful? Only you can control this: perhaps the pressure we receive creates that tension as well.

As a Year 9 myself, I certainly have not graduated yet. I have interviewed a teacher instead that has—Mrs. Kent. “I was certain that I wanted to do something specific, but uncertain about if I would be able to achieve it,” she expressed. Mrs. Kent, like many, has changed her ‘career’ multiple times before she became a teacher. From wanting to be a hairdresser, a lawyer and then a dentist in her youth, she became a Journalist for 13 years. In response to my prompt of high school pressure, Mrs Kent said, “I can see the point of the pressure. It is so people try their best and work hard. I think a lot of the pressure comes from within.” I then asked Mrs. Kent of any advice she might have for us students. “Pick something you want to do, even if it’s something you want to do now but might not necessarily want to do in the future.” She then continued, “If you’re not going to enjoy it, you are not going to do very well at it.”

Is it perhaps that this scary experience is due to the pressure that we put on ourselves—to be successful? This does not invalidate our experiences; however, it might be our unfair expectations to be perfect that causes this tension. As Mrs. Kent says: “There is no such thing as perfection, but you can strive for excellence.”

By E. Stoltman

Image: The tree represents the growth the Year 9 students will gain between now and graduation (E. Stoltman)


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