Reporting Update

With the end of semester upon us we would like to remind parents of the assessment process delivered via the Christian College Parent Portal. 

Both formative assessment (focusing on the early stages of learning) and summative assessment (focusing on the conclusion of learning)) have been delivered throughout the semester in the form of  ‘In Time’ reports to all year levels. These In Time assessments are carefully linked to the Australian Curriculum strands, content descriptions and elaborations in each subject. 

In addition to our In Time assessments in week 1 of Term 3, families will receive an overall Summative Report which will provide a homeroom comment, a summary of progress in ‘Self Management’ and a snapshot of academic achievement in all subject areas. Subject academic progress will be shown by a dot on a grading line labelled as:

Not Yet Achieving the standard = E,E+

Approaching the Expected Standard = D,D+

Achieving the Expected Standard = C,C+

Exceeding the Standard = B, B+

Far Exceeding the Standard = A, A+

The Summative Report system is used throughout the College, Prep-12.

It is important to note that subject grades are a culmination of all summative In-Time reporting grades delivered throughout the semester.


We hope that you find the reporting system informative throughout the semester and value your feedback. 


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