Creativity is Buzzing at Junior School

My eyes were opened on Thursday to the incredible creativity flowing through the Junior School. The day began with Arlo Costa (Year 3) presenting information to the Year 1 and 2 students about his passion for Blue Tongue lizards. What a wonderful job he did too, preparing a screen presentation, creating a diorama of the habitat and bringing in his 3 Blue tongue lizards for the students to interact with.

At the same time in the canteen and the veggie patch 4G were busy at work, harvesting silverbeet, broccoli and spinach to cook up some healthy snacks, including carrot biscuits and warm silverbeet salad. 

I then moved on to the 3B classroom where the students were making trams - there was a ‘friendship tram’, an original yellow and green tram, an Indigenous 'community' tram and a Christian College tram including the logo and College values. The students in 3B were practising collaboration skills as they had to listen to each others’ ideas and designed their work as a team. 

The energy at the Junior campus was buzzing, it was learning at its best!


Carla Dunlop

Deputy Head of Campus


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