Year 5 Travel Expo

Yesterday, Year 5 students had the opportunity to set up a Travel Expo in the library.  Their displays showcased a wide range of learning across the subjects.  Additionally, this event had a clear focus on growing in a range of soft skills such as collaboration, having ‘grit’ (persevering) and especially planning. 

Several parents commented saying, “We never had opportunities like this when we were in school.”  The reason for that may be that the development of a range of desirable dispositions has become a hot topic in education, and Christian College is committed to providing for its students an ‘education that matters’. 

We are living in a complex world, and giving students an ability to ‘know what to do when they don’t know what to do’ is a worthwhile endeavour.  Over the past two terms, student were invited to plan some of their own time, experience very real challenges in working with others, and focus on the idea of craftsmanship.  The Travel Expo was a wonderful opportunity to share their learning journey with their loved ones.  


Mr David Kehler

Building Learning Power Coordinator


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