Awesome Forces in Year 2

To finish off a term of learning about push and pull forces in Year 2’s “Awesome Forces” unit, students had been set the challenge to design and create a vehicle that will move using push and pull forces. In addition to this, a further challenge was to design and make ramps with different surfaces. The purpose of this was to test how a push and pull force may change how a vehicle moves according to the ramps surface, the ramp gradient and the push and pull force that may be required.


There has been so much intrinsic learning in this task including planning, designing, creating, problem solving, collaboration and discussion. Our knowledge and understanding, which we have discovered and learnt over this term have culminated in being able to both respond verbally, and write deep reflections and observations regarding our thoughts, opinions and scientific knowledge. This has also connected with building our BLP muscles and our feelings on the Reapo and Buska roads.


Forces are indeed awesome in Year 2!


Lou Ward

2B Teacher


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