Year 10 Geography - Doing Good Things!

Year 10 Geography in Semester 1 is called 'Environmental Change and Management' and one aspect of this course is investigating the major challenges to the sustainability of our environment and planet. This includes pollution, deforestation, climate change and habitat loss.

One of the aims of geographers is to promote a greater understanding of these important issues and behave in ways that demonstrate a respect for the earth. Hence, students were charged with a long-term project to make a positive impact on the environment. I am so impressed with the efforts of all students and would like to acknowledge the impact they have made.

Ethan Alston and Oliver Doull – participated in a citizen science project monitoring fur seal populations in Port Phillip Bay

Maddie Benson, Kamarah Blackhall, Livvy Chadwick and Brigitte Vlakancic – raised $350 through their trivia night for the Australian Marine Conservation Society, protecting the Great Barrier Reef

Amalee Freestone and Lola Osta-Meier – conducted a school clean-up and then collaborated with Lorne P-12 to conduct their own clean-up

Kieran Lad, Pierson Lang and Lachlan Moloney – conducted a clean-up at Barwon Valley Fun Park, preventing rubbish from reaching waterways

Aria Mousavi and Sam Wyeth – installed a bin at Sam's mountain bike track and conducted a clean-up of the area

Josh Newton – investigated the school Papercut program and identified a massive discrepancy in the calculation of trees 'consumed' by the school paper use. Josh proposed changes to school paper use, such as using recycled paper or setting default printing to double-sided. He also supported a tree-planting initiative at Surf Coast campus

Seth Norton and Max Parrotta – planted strawberry plants for their families to reduce plastic wastage and grow their own organic food

Josie Stewart – conducted a beach clean-up at Ocean Grove, collecting a large range of rubbish

'I alone cannot change the world, but I can cast a stone across the waters to create many ripples.'  Mother Teresa


Celeste Pryke

Geography Teacher


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