‘Classic Fairytales- With a Twist!’ - Year 2 Incursion Thursday July 19th

During Term 3, Year 2 students will be focusing on writing narrative texts. We will be developing our understandings around the specific structure of these texts and extending our writing craft toolbox! We will investigate a range of traditional stories and will experiment with ways we can ‘fracture fairytales’ to explore new ways of representing well known characters and stories. To help us prepare for our journey as authors we are excited to be attending a dramatic incursion on Thursday 19th of July in the Chapel. Actors from the CARP Production Company will springboard our learning by presenting ‘Classic Fairytales- With a Twist!’ This interactive performance will help us to think about traditional tales in a new context and to view characters in a new way. With the description“The fairytale characters are tired of witches, wolves and Prince Charming’s kiss, they’re bored with ‘happily ever after’ bliss! But what if they… swap stories? It could get crazy – what will happen next?... We can be sure it is going to be a fun filled experience.

Anna Daley

Year 1 and 2 Coordinator


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