Finding a nest is always a 'wonderment' so, the discovery of a nest at Bush Kinder last term, was a great catalyst to start looking more carefully at 'homes and habitats'. We have commenced the term in the Koala group investigating that exact theme! We  have discussed our own homes, elements such as doors, windows, staircases and how many bedrooms etc.; essentially our own 'human habitats'.

We have also been exploring homes from around the world; high rises, houses, teepees and igloos.

'Iggy Peck Architect', by Andrea Beaty, and an array of glue, sticks and corks sparked the interest of our children as they began constructing, testing, hypothesizing, trialing, problem solving and creating their own interpretations of habitat.

As an extension of this provocation, each family has sent a photo in of their child alongside their own letterbox at home. Over the next few weeks we plan on using our imagination to illustrate a house and add the children’s photographs as we continue to look at homes and learn our address.

What a great way to start our term, reflecting on our places of comfort and wellbeing.


Schenoa Costa
Koalas Pre-School Group Teacher


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