Classic Fairytales- With a Twist

Today Year 2 enjoyed a performance by CARP Productions to help springboard our learning into our Narrative Story Writing unit. We were entertained by many fairytale characters who were behaving in unexpected ways. There were princesses who didn’t want to be rescued by Prince Charming, punk trolls who just wanted to sleep, and one character who had escaped their story altogether to try something new! The performance was very funny and was filled with audience participation. It was fantastic to see how many budding thespians we have in Year 2.

‘I loved the part where Rapunzel threw her dirty socks at Prince Charming because she didn’t want to be rescued’- Maia 2M

‘I enjoyed the part where Austin got be a goat in the Three Billy Goat’s Gruff, he makes a great goat noise!’- Nate B 2M

Anna Daley

Year 1 / 2 Coordinator


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