Japanese Speech Contest, Wednesday August 1st

The students listed below are busily preparing for the Japanese Speech Contest to be held on Wednesday August 1st, 9.15-11.00am in the Chapel. The students were selected to represent their classes by their classmates and/or Japanese teachers, presenting speeches ranging in complexity from a short 5 sentences in Year 1 to the whole story of The Hungry Caterpillar in Year 4. Parents and friends are invited to attend the presentation to support the students involved. 

4R: Makaylah-Jane Townson, Mariana Nohra and Mallory West

4M: William Wray, Kaylee Gibson and Alyssa Booth

4G: Emily Goudge, Rani Jamal and Molly O’Malley

4B: Charlotte Biviano-Dean, Jayden Chan and Isabel Carnie


3R: Elizabeth McClure, Jack Salajan and Sabrina Li

3G: Pippa Hearps, Anjali Samuel and Jianna Merchant

3B: Sophia Duggan, Annabelle Coleman and Benjamin Rhoses (Zen Nakayama in the Open)


2R: James Chandler, Andrius Bruozis and James Knight

2M: Elisha Williams, Sarrah Millie and Macey Dow

2G: Locky Rice, Lila Pattiradjawane, Illyria McCormack

2B: Arabella Gower, Cooper Maroulis and Gabriella Parigi


1R: Max Chen, Scarlett O’Hagan and Jack Whitlock (Kylie Brewster in the Open)

1G: Ryan Marshall, Molly Maynard and Dash Thompson

1B: Alex Clifford, Bailey Foran and Stella Rankin


Yukiko Valent and Katya Chaney

Japanese Teachers



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