Junior School Is Going Green - Sustainability Challenges

Over the past week Junior School has seen the creation of some ‘pretty interesting things’. The theme for Week 2 has been ‘turn the old into the new’ focusing on making use of things we might ordinarily throw away. There have been some terrific discussions among staff and students, I have even received emails from students wanting to meet about their sustainability ideas! 

In coming weeks a range of challenges will be rolled out to help strike an awareness and encourage our Junior School community to take action. 

Week 3... classes will be taking a look at what sort of items could be recycled, upcycled or reduced in the classroom  and how this might be achieved. Lunch packaging will also be talked about and classes will design their own ‘motto’ with some of their ideas . 


Week 4... we are very excited to be introducing composting, with classes contributing their ‘fresh’ food waste (e.g. vegetables, fruit left overs) to our new compost bins. We will be creating some very useful matter for our garden!


Week 5... we will be asking for help from our Parents and community as we attempt to run a ‘Nude Food’ week. The aim of this challenge will be to cut down the amount of packaging brought along to school by staff and students. Students will continue to practise ‘noticing’ as classes perform audits of rubbish in classrooms. Composting will become an ongoing daily routine. 


We look forward to involving our parent community in the weekly initiatives and planting the sustainability seed. There are plenty of resources online to inspire. Families are encouraged to continue the dialogue at home with our young people - they’re the ones who can make a real difference.

Carla Dunlop, Zoe Terkes, Charlotte Biviano-Dean and Mia MacGregor (Year 4 Students)


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