Japanese Speech Contest - Wednesday, 1st August

The students listed below are busily preparing for the Japanese Speech Contest to be held on Wednesday, 1st August - 9.15-11.00am in the Chapel. The students were selected to represent their classes by their classmates and/or Japanese teachers, presenting speeches ranging in complexity from a short 5 sentences in Year 1 to the whole story of The Hungry Caterpillar in Year 4. Students competing are asked to wear full winter uniform on the day. Parents and friends are invited to attend the presentation to support the students involved. 

4R: Makaylah-Jane Townson, Mariana Nohra and Mallory West

4M: William Wray, Kaylee Gibson and Alyssa Booth

4G: Emily Goudge, Rani Jamal and Molly O’Malley

4B: Charlotte Biviano-Dean, Jayden Chan and Isabel Carnie


3R: Elizabeth McClure, Jack Salajan and Sabrina Li

3G: Pippa Hearps, Anjali Samuel and Jianna Merchant

3B: Sophia Duggan, Annabelle Coleman and Benjamin Rhoses (Zen Nakayama in the Open)


2R: James Chandler, Andrius Bruozis and James Knight

2M: Elisha Williams, Sarrah Millie and Macey Dow

2G: Locky Rice, Lila Pattiradjawane, Illyria McCormack

2B: Arabella Gower, Cooper Maroulis and Gabriella Parigi


1R: Max Chen, Scarlett O’Hagan and Jack Whitlock (Kylie Brewster in the Open)

1G: Ryan Marshall, Molly Maynard and Dash Thompson

1B: Alex Clifford, Bailey Foran and Stella Rankin


Yukiko Valent and Katya Chaney

Japanese Teachers


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