Opening ‘Bean Break @ Bellarine’ To Students!

Hi! My name is Sienna Nelis and I am one of seven Year 9 students, with the guidance of Christian College Bellarine teacher, Mrs Sally Gray, who has been involved in the development and creation of ‘Bean Break @ Bellarine (BB@B)’. ‘BB@B’ is a newly developed initiative from the ‘Year 9 Food Studies: Business of Food’, where several Year 9 students have learnt how to plan, create, work collaboratively and further develop a café. The creation of our café started in Term 1, when the majority of our ‘BB@B’ student staff were trained to use the coffee machine located in the back of the ‘Food Studies’ kitchen. After about a term of planning, we were given the go-ahead to open our café to the school staff. This has been a valuable experience for the ‘BB@B’ staff, who have been able to expand their barista skills before serving to a new range of customers. After another term of creating hot beverages for the school staff, the ‘BB@B’ business has now come to the decision to start selling hot chocolates to students!

‘BB@B’ is not just a café, but also a cross-curriculum learning opportunity for future years to come. Students involve all school subjects, ranging from Mathematics (budgeting, costing and profiting), English (writing design briefs, advertisements and articles) and Media Studies/Visual Communication Design (advertising) to Food Studies (hygiene and business catering) and Marine Science (knowledge about sustainability).

As ‘BB@B’ has just been introduced to a new clientele, we will only be serving to Year 7-9 students for the meanwhile. Each year level will have a specific day when they are able to get hot chocolates. Please refer to the table below. We hope to start serving to Year 5-6 students within the near future via ‘one-off speciality days’ and even a lunchtime dedicated to them. As unfortunate as it is for the students in Year 5-6, the ‘BB@B’ staff values their ability to serve high-quality hot beverages and we feel as if our standards would drop if we started serving to too many students at once.

Monday lunch

Tuesday lunch

Wednesday lunch

Thursday lunch

Friday lunch


Year 9

Year 8

Year 7


To receive their hot chocolates, students must:

  • Pay $3
  • Come during the café opening hours -> 1:30-2:00pm
  • Enter via the back door of the Food Studies kitchen (there will be signage directing students who are unfamiliar or unsure of where to go)

It would be greatly appreciated if you, as parents and/or guardians, were keeping your children aware about this. Having the support of our peers is really important, not only for the café, but the café’s staff as well. Posters will be put into every homeroom as well, so students have a daily reminder to bring in their money for their allocated day.

We look forward to warming up your children’s winter lunchtimes!


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