Science Discovery Dome 2018

On Tuesday 24th July, the Science Discovery Dome visited the Bellarine Campus to support the studies Year 5, 6 and 7 students are completing during Science, in Semester 2. The dome was set up in the foyer of the Auditorium and was large enough for two classes to attend per session.

With much excitement the Year 5 students were treated to a session about our Solar System, learning about the rocky planets and the big gas giants that surround our closest star, the Sun.

The Year 6 students completed a session about Natural Disasters, both of a geological and meteorological nature. This is quite topical at the moment as there have been a lot of natural disasters mentioned in the media recently.

The Year 7 students were discovering what causes our seasons here on Earth, including, why it is colder in winter and why we have fewer daylight hours at present. Also, the changes in the tides of the ocean and eclipses were explained, of which there is a lunar eclipse occurring early on Saturday morning.

‘What I liked about Discovery Dome was when we went around to the planets in our solar system and learned about them. I thought that was awesome.‘ Manny Madden. 5S

‘I liked how you were in a dome and it got projected on to the dome and it looked like you were actually there and I learnt that Mars is the safest planet other than Earth.’  Thomas Bloothoofd. 5S

‘I liked it because I learnt that a year on Mercury is 88 days long.’  Phoebe Kurtz. 5S

‘We have been learning about the mysterious natural disasters and the discovery dome was exciting. I was thrilled to step inside. We learnt all about the natural disasters and how they were caused from the weather and earth disasters. It was out of this world… literally!’ Kashi Rubio. 6S

‘It was a great experience and I really enjoyed learning about tectonic plates and tornadoes.’ Ashwin Ruplal. 6S

‘What I enjoyed in Discovery Dome is learning about the ways the sun and moon moves in the morning, afternoon and at night, also I liked learning about the stars.’  Bella Price. 7D

‘I found it interesting because we got to learn how many hours of day and night we had in summer and winter. In winter we had 14 and half  hours of night and 9 and a half hours of day and it was the opposite to summer.’ Harris Gee 7D

Mrs Sophie Maye.
Science Teacher.


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