An Introduction to Coding and Robotics

Julie “the Robot Lady” visited Williams House Kindergarten this week with her collection of robotic friends. Some robots were “grabbers” with hands designed to pick-up things, some followed simple commands and some danced. Julie led a fun, informative and interactive session enabling the children to participate in coding workshops. Using textas and paper, the children drew a line for the Ozobots to follow. Drawing a series of different colours made the Ozobots perform a command. The children learned about coding without a device and experienced hands-on interactive learning about digital technology. 

Stella, “I liked the claw one. It could give you stuff”. Noah, “It gave Stella a tissue”.

Will, “The little robot could dance”. Summer-Grace, “It moved very fast.”

Henry J, “I liked all of them, they’re so cool. I drives the lady bug”.

Xavier, “I liked the lady bug and all the robots. I liked it moving around, dancing and being silly”.  Jagger, “he moved so funny”.

Hannah, “I liked the Ozobot because it followed the lines. I did circles and 2 race tracks”. Mia, “There were naughty robots going off the tracks”.


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