Bush Kinder with the Possums

Unfortunately, the wild weather early in the week prevented the Bilbies and Koalas groups from going to bush kinder in Mount Duneed. However, with it clearing later in the week, although still a little chilly, the Possums and Wallabies groups were able to go and explore the wet and muddy surrounds, dressed in their wet weather gear!

The recent rain had left enough water in the dam for the children to be able to enjoy the simple pleasure of jumping, running and digging in the muddy water. While digging in the mud, the children were surprised and delighted to find their first frog!

Each week at bush kinder the children revisit experiences they have enjoyed previously such as building stick teepees, climbing favourite trees, playing imaginative games and exploring their surrounds. They also have new experiences that come with the changes in weather and seasons that bring out new flora, creatures and creepy crawlies!

We are thankful each week for parent volunteers who come and join us for our bush kinder experience. 


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