Geelong Japanese Speech Contest

The Geelong Japanese Speech Contest was held on Sunday, 22 July at Kardinia International College. About 60 participants from seven secondary schools in the Western region of Victoria participated in the contest and impressed the judges and audience with their excellent language and presentation skills.

The participants who were in Year 5 to Year 12 delivered short set speeches and their original speeches in Japanese. It was an opportunity for students not only to gain speaking skills in Japanese but also to meet a group of young people who hold the same passion toward Japanese learning.


Our college proudly had the largest group of enthusiastic participants again this year and brought back many awards. They demonstrated their growing mindset by their commitment and challenging themselves to such a huge task. They spent much of their own time preparing for the contest and performed their speeches confidently in front of a large audience. 

We congratulate all the students on their great effort and achievements. We also thank their parents for their support in their child’s Japanese learning. 

The participants and prize winners are as follows:

Y5/6 Category
1st                                        Naomi Lamprecht (Y6)
Y7/8 Category
3rd                                        Kirrily McConachy (Y8)
Encouragement Award  Toby Roberts (Y8)

Y9/10 Category
t                                           Max Hyde (Y10)
2nd                                       Braiden Troy (Y10)
3rd                                           Khin Khin Sumon (Y10)

Excellent Effort Award   Nicholas Gill (Y10)          

Junior Open
1st                                        Lin Nakayama (Y8)

Senior Open (Y11/12)
2nd                                          Elizabeth Andueza-Mossop (Y11)
3rd                                           Alyssa Jones (Y11)

Excellent Effort Award   Isla Ritchie (Y11)
Encouragement Award  Lily Dell-Rennie (Y11)

Certificate of Participation
Tvisha Merchant (Y6) Charlotte Goldsmith (Y6) Teneal Booth (Y7) Ali Cronk (Y7) Charlie Kondos (Y7) Jack Frenchman (Y9) Liam Beasant (Y10) Aden Diamond (Y10) Kyla Kacprzak (Y10) Bwe Le Htoo Wah (Y10)

Yuji Nakayama
Head of Japanese and Exchange


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