Year 7 Sustainability Unit


Today was the final day of the Year 7 Sustainability Unit. Throughout the last two weeks, our Year 7 students have been working through the Design Thinking process, working towards providing a solution to help a local business become more sustainable. Today, each group of students pitched their idea to the stakeholder and received feedback about their idea and the way in which they presented. The students then had an opportunity to reflect and discuss the ways in which they would need to refine or alter their idea to make it viable.


These sessions, like many of the sessions the students have been involved in during the Sustainability Unit, link directly to real life situations. Students had to be flexible when group members have been absent, they have had to develop their ability to collaborate, to problem solve, to utilize their time and work to deadlines. We have seen significant growth in the Year 7 cohort and look forward to seeing them continue to develop throughout the term.


Renee Garing

Year Level Coordinator  - Year 7 


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