Year 1 - Our Beautiful World

This term the Year One students have been learning about our beautiful world with a special focus on the weather. We have been reflecting on our favourite places and seasons whilst considering the changes in the deciduous trees throughout the seasons. Stella Rankin shared about her favourite place in summer: At my grandma and grandpa’s house, I can see flying birds in the blue sky. I can feel the fresh air and cool pool water. I can hear the splashing water as I swim. The students have become interested in being ‘weather watchers’ and enjoy observing the weather and describing it in their weather diaries. Today was an interesting day as it was blue sky and sunny after lunch and then dark clouds and rainy by the end of the day. We are finding that Victorian weather is particularly interesting to observe as it can change rapidly. There are many more interesting weather ideas still to explore, including types of clouds, weather instruments and extreme weather. Let’s hope we don’t have to observe too much of the extreme weather during the school day! The children will also have the opportunity to be weather reporters and share about weather of their own choice.

Katherine Green

Year 1B Teacher


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