Cooking with the Mudlarks

Gingerbread Men

There are endless amounts of wonderful, funny, inspiring and clever books that can influence the direction of our programs.

At the start of term 3, Mudlarks enjoyed a story together which offered a twist on the alltime classic 'The Gingerbread Man'. It was the 'Stinky Cheese Man"...a slightly less enticing version!

Not surprisingly the children agreed that they did not want to make a 'Stinky Cheese Man', but leapt at the chance to make a delicious Gingerbread Man. All hands on deck to enjoy the beautiful smells, flavours and textures of these spicy cookies. Taste testing spices, tiny samples of ginger and cinnamon, before adding them made for some interesting feedback from the children. The beautiful smells eminating from the kitchen definitely got the attention of everyone walking into Butterfield House that day.

What is more satisfying than baking something delicious together and then eating them. Once our gingerbread cookies were cooked and cooled down, we enjoyed a picnic outside in the beautiful sunshine.



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