Year 3 International Games in STEAM

For our Inquiry unit this term Year Three students have been looking at celebrations and commemorations in Australia and across the world.

We started our term looking closely at personal and family celebrations, in particular our birthdays. This was a lovely way to introduce how we celebrate important events. Some of the ways we celebrate include decorating our houses, eating special foods, getting together with family and friends as well as playing party games!

We took the opportunity to come together during our STEAM time on a Monday afternoon to learn some international party games commonly played at Birthday parties and in school play grounds.

We learnt about the Indonesian Game, “Semut, Orang, Galah”, The Chilean game “Corre, Corre La Guarca”, “Pilolo” from Ghana, “Egg Jousting” from Armenia, “Fukuwarai” from Japan and “Agalmata” from Greece.

Lisa Johnson

Year 3G Teacher


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