Junior School Japanese Speech Competition

All participants of the Junior School Japanese Speech Contest today impressed the judges and audience with their excellent language and presentation skills. We are very proud of their effort and achievements, regardless of winning awards. Please congratulate all student presenters. Thank you to our families and community for your support for this event. The results of the contest are as below.


Katya Chaney and Yukiko Valent

Junior School Japanese Teachers


Year 1 Category

1st         Bailey Foran         

2nd        Lexi Clifford

3rd         Dash Thompson

Year 2 Category

1st         Gabriella Parigi

2nd        Illyria McCormack

3rd         Locky Rice

Year 3 Category

1st          Sabrina Li

2nd        Jack Salajan

3rd         Pippa Hearps

Year 4 Category

1st          Rani Jamal

2nd        Emily Goudge     

3rd         William Wray

Open Category (Their parent(s) are native Japanese.)

Encouragement Award

Kylie Brewster (Y1)

Zen Nakayama (Y3)


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