Year 1 Godly Play

Pharaoh, Pharaoh, Whoaa, Let My People Go!

Year Ones have been working through the story of Moses and his role in rescuing God’s chosen people. This week students discovered how God warned Pharaoh, through Moses to let His people go or He would plague his whole country with all kinds of horrible things. Do you think Pharaoh listened? No way! He did not keep his promises.

Year 1G students ‘experienced’ the different plagues in Godly Play through a plague of (origami) frogs, bites (stickers) on their skin from the gnats, boils (paper) over their arms and legs, walking on crunchy locusts (Nutrigrain) and darkness (material over their eyes). The students all enjoyed experiencing a glimpse of what the plagues were like and sharing their reflections.

Maverick shared, “The people would have been hurt, afraid and scared and a bit mad at Pharaoh for not listening to God the first time.”

Jem added, “They should have listened to God.”

The Year Ones look forward to finding out if God’s people escape! I wonder what they will think when they find out God’s people wandered the desert for 40 years…

Jamie-Lee Lobbe

Year 1G Teacher


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