Year 9 Japanese Excursion to Melbourne


Year 9 Japanese class had a taste of Japanese culture on Monday with an excursion to Melbourne. The Japanese Consulate Education services in Melbourne provided a cultural session on some Japanese Festivals. Two students were dressed in a Yukata and the information session was informative and allowed the students to think about some Japanese cultural aspects in a quiz. Students were given the opportunity to shop in Daisoo ( Japanese $2 store – very popular in Japan) and to taste some Japanese cuisine at Ajisen Ramen Japanese Restaurant in Melbourne Central. These experiences helps to provide students with some authentic aspects of Japan when they are unable to visit the country at this stage of their studies. All students valued the experience and enjoyed it very much. Below are a few sentences written in Japanese about the excursion by one of the students. The day was すばらしかったです。(wonderful)






English Translation -Japanese Excursion

I am writing about the Japanese Class Excursion. On Monday, we went to Melbourne by train. At the Japanese Consulate we listened about Japanese Festivals. At Daiso  I bought chopsticks, chocolate and sweets. At Ajisen Japanese restaurant I ate ramen. It was really delicious and very big. We returned to the station and I bought a frappe at Starbucks. I loved it. And then we returned to Geelong by train. The excursion was lots of fun.


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